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Dear clients

We are pleased to announce that dElta has merged our company operations with HUB International Quebec.

It has taken us 20 years to build such a strong brand, and a great business in Quebec. We have always, and will continue, to work with you to service your group health and retirement plans. We have now decided to partner with another industry leader to continue our strong momentum towards the next, stronger, phase. Depth, resources, and core values are the key to a good alliance, and we have found the right partner!

Technology, and new knowledge will push us towards benefits innovations we have yet to see or develop. I believe that the excellent relationships we have forged with our clients will, if relied on alone, not be enough to ensure our survival or give enough value for our clients in the long run.

Technology, investment, network and depth of resources TOGETHER with excellent relationships and our shared core human values, will be the ultimate value proposition.

With the 50 HUB offices across Canada and the US, and their success also achieved so far, our new pool of knowledge has expanded, and will allow us to get better, for you our most valuable asset, our client.

Your dElta team remains, and our locations and processes stay the same. However, it is clear to me that the new, bigger, deeper organisation will help us get, as our trademark says: STRONGER TOGETHER.

Thank you,

Roger d`Eschambault